Jan 9, 2023

💝 (What we're up against) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Jan 9, 2023 (SOTW; from a commenter to the video translated from danish: "It is explained in the video that Freemasonry is foot-soldiers for the top of the Satan-worshipping Illuminati pyramid. The higher up the hierarchy and the top you get - the closer you get to the Rothchilds, who are the family that holds the money power and control. This is done, among other things, through cross-memberships, where you as a Freemason are also a Templar (a separate order a la Freemasonry). In this way, it is interwoven and power is centralized, All U.S. presidents, with a few exceptions, were Freemasons, explains the narrator. The rest were Jesuits (a Catholic order). The owl shown in the picture is known as a sacrificial site where several U.S. presidents and politicians have performed rituals over time and worshipped Moloch. Moloch is idolatry and comparable to occult satan worship. We find the idol Moloch mentioned in the Bible. Note the symbolism of the checkers and jing/jang, which refers to the satanic doctrine that good cannot exist without evil. The narrator also reveals the 'all-seeing eye' as Lucifer's eye - that is, satan's eye.") ~ |

➝ World Health Organization (WHO). 🔦 – :The-Great-Work. (wordpress.com)

Amerikansk politiker taget i gentagne løgne: Nu er han fanget i endnu et kontroversielt øjeblik | BT Udland - www.bt.dk
Bemærkede du det? Prins Christian lavede håndtegn på den røde løber | SE og HØR (seoghoer.dk)

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