Jan 9, 2023

🙋🎖️💖 (Trump took over Jan 1, 2023. N. Pelosi arrested / escorted w/ members in the U.S. Congress to GITMO!) UTSAVA: Biden and Putin are GONE! Congress is finished. IRS will be gone by April! ~ Jan 9, 2023 (SOTW; Ascension and 5D is happening right now! Russia + China rejects petrodollar. Gold standard is on the way. Is Clarence Thomas the only Supreme Court Justice who is operational? and other predictions (18 min) - plus response by Kerry Cassidy etc.) ~ |

"UTSAVA: Don J. will hand out money! Trump is in charge. Putin and Biden are gone! Congress is finished. IRS will be gone by April! GOD ALMIGHTY took over the earth January 2, 2023!"

The part about SCOTUS is around the 8:30 to 10:00 section.


Response from Kerry Cassidy: https://t.me/projectcamelotKerry/11678

NOTE: If Utsava's statements in her recent show with predictions are correct then CLARENCE THOMAS is the ONLY Supreme Court justice who is operational in the Supreme Court. Otherwise her info would have to be proven wrong. She is often proven correct over time. So it is worth noting this. If Thomas is the ONLY working Supreme Court Justice then the consideration of the Brunson case falls on ONE PERSON. This is rather hard to believe, needless to say. But IF TRUE then that would mean the WHITE HAT MILITARY has taken control of the Supreme Court and removed the other 8 justices without the public knowing. Again this is highly unlikely but possible. I only mention it because of Utsava's excellent track record in many of her predictions.

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