Jan 5, 2023

💝 (Two sides of the same coin...) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Jan 5, 2022 (SOTW; What a day, month, new year! Oh man! "depressing", energy-crisis and recession month disguised as a cold, rainy winter, if you want it to be! Christmas suicide surge is a myth, but number rises in January, says my mom 45 yrs nurse in the ER! 3 ppl just died in the same building where they live, but my parents are alive and doing well! I haven't got any functioning internet yet, but live in a nice apartment! At the post office I got into a biff with the shop owner today and a angry guy behind me, told me - be nice, I said in frustration - mind your own business - seconds later, he was rushing out of the store after me and wanted me to fight him! I stood my ground, I had done nothing wrong, but his inside mean and angry attitude wanted to blow off some steam and i had the balls to tell him off. Folks are yelling on each others, honking their horns, angry on their surrendering and / or on their own government for allowing so many, to suffer. My landlord accusing me to be late on the rent today, but already payed for it as it's my first month in the contract! My sister and me on SoTW have no money at all, but you know, money, can't buy happiness, but it can buy food! I have no girlfriend, sex is overrated in my age, but I had my share and not in a rush to be cornered by a bossy lady sapping all my energy! Remember, life is what you make of it! Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday - nothing can spoil that - Three Kings Day of course!) ~ |

Editors' Note: (spoiler alert) I'm watching "bedazzled" on Pluto TV and the Devil, also known by many names such as; Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness, actually, Princess of Darkness trick the hopeless dweeb Elliot Richards who's granted seven wishes by the Devil to snare Allison, the girl of his dreams, in exchange for his soul. Elliot makes his last wish and wishes for Allison to be happy. In doing this he unknowingly invokes a small clause in the contract allowing him to keep his soul. He finally asks Allison out, but she's already seeing someone. He then meets Nicole, who's moving in next door to him (who happens to look identical to Allison) and they live happily ever after... | 


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