Jan 29, 2023

✨๐Ÿ”ฎ⏰ (Tarot by Janine cards on Weather, Govt and MSM. NL-DK-NO-SE-CA + UTSAVA) JAN 28th 2023-WORLD NEWS VIDEO ~ Jan 29, 2023 (SoTW; Thank you so much for your Scandinavian and Dutch reading❣️Snippets from Denmark “As Above, So Below”. Below = Greenland = GITMO. Nederland's govt mostly surrendered - some - still carried out the evil agenda. Norway was the last one to capitulate. Sweden, prominent figure, is gonna die and truth will come out who was in control. Denmark weather manipulation - 70% in White Hats control. Govt has capitulated but MSM are not showing it yet. Month of May 2023? Canada has capitulated, a looong time ago. Justin "Castro" Trudeau a puppet! WhiteHats are making an example out of YGL WEF's controlled Justin! Janine talks about the 'original' Klaus Schwab, Trudeau, The Clintons and many other that are loooong gone! They would never ever allowed the memes and smear campaign If they where alive, any truthers would have been on Clinton kill list - Bill and Hillary Clinton body count! Wrongful info from Utsava and food? Btw - TBJ's video 26th she basically says Benjamin Fulford is full of "crap" and Utsava is commenting on BF as well) ~ |

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U. Zackly on Twitter: "@Broom_Hatter Comey said No reasonable prosecutor take this case Comey AHA moment prosecute VS #ClintonBodyCount https://t.co/JpYTKrVIEB" / Twitter

(24) TBJ 28-1-2023 NL-DK-SE - YouTube

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