Jan 22, 2023

👉🤗💖 (Miscellaneous SoTW) Are You Listening Yet? ~ Jan 22, 2023 (SOTW; "False Flag" Monterey Park lunar New Year mass shooting? London silent walk rally from BBC to Downning Street vaccine victims truth be told emotive poignent afternoon in freezing conditions. Massive anti-government protests and uproar in Peru! Germany, Poland over Ukraine weapons! Striking French workers lead 1 million people in protest over plans to raise retirement age. etc. etc... Look at that spike at the SR? High influx of energies from Universe's photon belt? Or the Galactic Central Sun - an object in the Sagittarius constellation? Cosmic rays as triggers for Solar Flashes, earth core eruptions & pole shifts?? Last to days has been tough on me. Like spiritual fatigue on steroids' tired like heck! People are getting sick and dying here and there! There must be MAJOR cleansing going on for all Earthlings! Hang in there! Oh btw do NOT eat Doritos chips! Look at that adorable mother and child cuddling - a wonderful pastime that helps us keep our vibration high!) ~ |

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