Jan 13, 2023

πŸ›ΈπŸ€«πŸ–– ('It's a plan 60 yrs + in making. The best is yet to come. JFK I salute you.') Lets Make Disclosure Great Again: Galactic Federation of Worlds Plans For Disclosure with Val Nek ~ Jan 13, 2023 (SOTW; Megan says, the title Lets Make Disclosure Great Again is abt U.S. NAV for exposing HUman Cabal and much larger and bigger outside our realm of understanding. I looove Megan Rose (and Val Nek's) high frequency soul, chuckles, laughs and humor. I think she's doing amazing job for HU-manity and the whole concept of MIC-SSP exposure and waking up ppl etc... ) ~ |

Editor's Note: Btw, I have listen to one of the most incredible whistleblowers to step forward within SSP-community, William Tompkins. The depth and implications of his testimony are nothing short of astounding abt the U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Program, IRL at the MUFON Vegas 2017 conference, 1 month, before he, died. Now, W. M. Tompkins once said; Earth Is a Battleground Between Warring Alien Cultures - and I believe him. W. M. Tompkins had a solid career in rocket and aerodynamic designs. A former aerospace designer for Douglas Aircraft Company in the early '60s, who claimed to have witnessed, first-hand, classified live feed from the Apollo 11 Lander. I was attending IUFOC w/ T. L. Keller, in 2018. I personally think, that, W. M. Tompkins was deeply involved in secret space force Solar Warden (“Heavy Transport” Sketch 1954 and more), which was put in operational status in 1980's and revealed to the World in 2002. USSPACECOM was immediately absorbed into the United States Strategic Command and Solar Warden was given a new code name. I also ended up in person a third conference - Conscious Life Expo 2018 and enrolled David Adair's worldshop. AMAZING guy. What the heck happen to Corey Goode and David Wilcock, I have nooo idea. Cloned themselves out of the crazy Looney Tunes factory? Anywho, listen to what Megan and Val Nek, has to say... | 

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