Feb 5, 2022

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’“(January 50 solar flares. Feb big event US Pluto return on February 22, 2022. Full moon on 16th energy blast as the August 2017 Great American eclipse) February 2022 Energy Report (EOL) πŸ’• ~ |

February’s big event is the US Pluto return which is exact on February 22, 2022. Remember this is a global Pluto return, it is not just happening in the US. What happened from 1762 to 1778, when Pluto was previously in Capricorn, was a global social change that ushered in the concept of individual sovereignty, individual rights, the abolishment of monarchies, and the establishment of national independence.

What did you think of January’s energy? It certainly went out with a fiery blaze of more than 50 solar flares in the last few days, igniting the spark of awakening and community that is circling the globe. If the energies of joy and freedom are calling you now, it is time to answer them.

In the 2022 Predictions I wrote that the energy theme of Self Ideation would encourage us to seek greener pastures, to find ways to shine our light more brightly, to be open to new potentials, and to wipe away the limitations we believe stand between us and becoming Empowered Masters. That path opens up in February. Are you ready for more joy and freedom in your life? I sure am and we can get started on this new project this month and you can learn all about it in the February Energy Report.


January went by rather quickly and it was a very eventful month. You may not have felt that there was a lot going on but we need to consider what is happening energetically, the activity below the surface of our awareness, whose results are not immediately obvious to us but that are creating powerful undercurrents for transformation.

During the last few days of January the Sun was very active with dozens of solar flares erupting, sending us bright rays of encouragement and the high vibe energy that will empower February’s huge potential for awakening, transformation, and restitution. It’s also the Chinese New Year and we usher in the year of the Tiger, a very fitting mascot for this month.

February opens with a powerful new moon on February 1 and features all of the personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, in Capricorn, which has housed Pluto since 2008. I have been writing about the interaction between these planets and Pluto since October 2021 because it is such a powerful metaphor for what is happening in the world. It’s truly a ‘power to the people’ moment and a shift in the balance of power from global tyranny to global solidarity for freedom and justice.

If you have been watching the Canada convoy with more than 50,000 road warriors in their majestic trucks, crossing the country to protest in the capital, it is truly a sight to behold. And it is being echoed around the world. We’re watching the 3D paradigm of control, domination, power over, competition, separation, disconnection, and tyranny dissolve to be replaced with the 5D energies of community, connection, collaboration, cooperation, and creativity. Don’t let the pushback by the darkest agendas against this force for the light intimidate you.

The February 1 new moon highlights that 5D energy and it’s in Aquarius, which is the sign that governs 5D integration. It is also aspecting both Saturn and Uranus, which both rule Aquarius. I think that’s some 5D encouragement, do you? It is interesting to note that there is so much community interaction happening all over the world and one of Aquarius’ aspects is community.

I said that Ascension 2.0 began in January with the return of the lunar nodes to the Taurus/Scorpio axis, where they were in 2003. And guess what, the February 1, 2003 new moon was also at 12 Aquarius, right where it is on February 1, 2022.

And remember we have a spiritual awakening energy happening all year, with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction which will be exact in April and that will be the only exact conjunction but the energy lasts all year. The last time this aspect happened was the birth of the spiritual movement in the mid 1850s. Now we are going to see the birth of the energy movement and the transition into energetic congruence, where we have a seamless integration of human and divine, spiritual and material. This is the manifestation of our ascension journey, the integration of 5D energy into the 3D paradigm.

As I always say, it’s an integration, not a takeover. We are not destroying earth so heaven can take over, we are integrating spiritual energy into the material world, dis-integrating the harsh energy of the 3D paradigm which is ruled by competition, corruption, and control, so we can integrate the 5D energies of community, collaboration, cooperation, connection, and creativity.

February’s big event is the US Pluto return which is exact on February 22, 2022. Remember this is a global Pluto return, it is not just happening in the US. What happened from 1762 to 1778, when Pluto was previously in Capricorn, was a global social change that ushered in the concept of individual sovereignty, individual rights, the abolishment of monarchies, and the establishment of national independence.

Now we are moving into energetic sovereignty, the abolishment of control and self serving interests, the removal of tyranny, and the synergy of the spiritual and material worlds, working in divine harmony. What is the driving force behind the current actions against us? The control of our energy, the imposition of artificial intelligence, the ‘internet of things’, the human bio hacking (a phrase which says it all), and the capture of the human spirit. This is the agenda, do your own research.

There will be 3 aspects to the return with Pluto’s annual retros, the other two will be in July and in December.

February’s full moon on the 16th is another energy blast as it is the same degree as the August 2017 Great American eclipse.

Mercury finally ends its three week retrograde and goes direct on February 4. This was a tough retro for many people, and it didn’t help that Venus was also retrograde for six weeks. But these retrogrades kept them in Capricorn territory, where they were joined by Mars in the last week of January. Imagine Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman coming to our rescue, the caped crusaders fighting the battle for truth and justice and empowering us to take up our light swords against the darkness. It’s David against Goliath, the little person against the giant bully who was supposed to be invincible. Do you know who won (hint: it was David).

If it has seemed very dark for the past few years, it’s because we have raised the vibration of the earth grid so much that the energy gap between the dark and the light is now obvious to nearly everyone. We have to spend time in the darkness to learn to appreciate the light but until we are aware of the light we don’t know we are in the dark.

Many people refer to this awakening and seeing the light as a ‘red pill moment.’ When did your red pill moment happen? It is a rather rude awakening for many people as they have to re-asses their beliefs to allow for the many new truths that are being revealed.

February’s themes of freedom and self awareness are a welcome relief from the oppression of the past two years but this is a movement of transformation, not simple change.

We must transform ourselves, our energy habits, our beliefs, and our actions, to step out of the Martyred Healer roles we have been playing and become Empowered Masters. Listen to the podcast to hear my awakening moment and how it manifested. We must follow the ascension pathway that allows for the dis-integration of our individual and collective 3D paradigms, cross the transcension bridge, and move upward and outward into an ascended paradigm.

This movement includes all of humanity now, not just a few dedicated and committed souls who have been working hard to hold the energy so this moment could occur. We can say well done and thank you to them, it’s time to pass the baton in the ascension relay race and let the next team move us forward. That doesn’t mean that the first wave of ascension workers has nothing to do, they are busy preparing the 5D paradigm which is a paradigm we create, there is no karma and no destiny in 5D.

How are we going to process all of this energy, maintain our energetic balance while also expanding into new potentials, and transmuting limitations into vehicles for freedom? We need to activate our high heart energy and use our high heart to receive the energy we need and release the emotional energy that holds us back.

We do not release energy, that violates the first law of thermodynamics. Emotions are energetic in nature but they are tied to material and physical events. Instead of releasing emotional energy, which cannot be done, we have to transmute it and we have a powerful tool available to us to do that, the high heart.

The low heart is our emotional heart, the high heart is our spiritual heart, where we have our higher self and Source connection. The high heart holds the energy vibrations for transmuting lower frequency emotions into their higher vibe forms. But to do that we need to understand how the low heart/high heart connection works and how to activate it.

In my High Heart Activation process I teach you how to activate the high heart and then create a transmutation process to help you transform emotional energies that have held you back into their higher frequency. This proprietary process is available at a special price for the month of February, click here to learn more.

February is a month to rise above what holds us back from our joy and leave our regrets, anger, fear, anxiety, and the temptation to look back and try to fix the past, behind us. Everyone gets to choose which side of the light they want to be on and is right for them and those choices have been made. No one gets left behind, everyone makes their choice and we must honor everyone’s choice, without judgment, because we have a transformation to complete and we must look ahead, reach for the stars, and let the infinite, limitless, bountiful universe be our navigator as we expand into 5D and create our personal heaven on earth.

February is a big energy month and it’s going to require some big energy moves, so put your biggest, boldest, most powerful intentions forward, keep that energy high, and let’s keep on truckin’. Have a great month.

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