Dec 18, 2022

💝 (Truth-movm. says a merry merry x-mas & massive chg. before Apr 2023) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Dec 18, 2022 (SOTW; At least, FIFA, rejected a request by pres. actor gay Lord Voldemort Zelensky to share a message of peace ahead of the World Cup final. TBJ says, something massive today while half the worlds pop. are watching. Pres. Trump talking abt mass arrest. Bear with me y'all. 3 weeks of apartment renovation after moving out and driving 400 km to new locations on 4th floor - I haven't got time to make to many blog posts. At least i'm back "home" for good with a view to a kill next to famous Castle of Christian 4. Denmark's great Renaissance king after 4 yrs wait on my new place. I'm gonna be more active soon. Moving from one major freemason city to another - what can I say - life is not perfect - yet!) ~ |

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