Dec 6, 2022

📉💱💸 ('No coincidence FTX collapse happening same time Ukraine money laundering network faltering & Dems elec. fraud maneuvers about to be exposed.') The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 844, Sunday December 4, 2022 ~ |

 FTX Reveal

The Crypto platform took a major blow on November 11 when it reported a ‘hack’. Lacking the resources to support the investments entrusted to the FTX board, FTX was suddenly bankrupt. In other words, someone robbed the bank. And the CEO - Bankman-Fried – reportedly fled to Argentina. Bankman-Fried’s mother was a heavy contributor to the Democrats, second only to Soros in this regard. Is there a relationship to the election losses for the Democrats on November 8? There is an alleged relationship to funds sent to the Ukraine by the Biden Administration, which were laundered back to support the Democrat campaigns.

Cryptocurrency Platform FTX Goes Bankrupt In US, Boss Resigns
November 11, 2022
FTX Group announced in a statement that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. This week’s financial chaos at FTX has seen major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, plunge.
FTX was founded in 2019 and somehow managed to quickly become the biggest name in crypto. His mom is a major dem operative.
Democrats' 'Newest Megadonor' plummets on Election Day, forced to Sell Crypto Company to Biggest Rival
November 12, 2022
Bankman-Fried, 30, was the second-biggest individual Democratic donor this election cycle behind top-ranking liberal billionaire contributor George Soros.


FTX Hit by Mysterious $662 Million Outflow Amid Revelation that SBF Implemented Bookkeeping "Backdoor"
November 12, 2022
Bloomberg cited data from blockchain analytics firm Nansen, which said $662 million in withdrawals flowed out of FTX's US and international exchanges. But in a separate analysis, research firm Elliptic noted $475 million had been stolen from FTX in transactions via stablecoins and other tokens that were converted into Ether.
Hundreds of Millions Vanish from Collapsed Cryptocurrency Giant
November 12, 2022
An estimated $662 million in digital assets has reportedly been withdrawn from FTX in ‘unauthorized transactions’. The Bahamas-based FTX and about 130 affiliated companies commenced Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware. The firm also announced that Democratic Party donor Sam Bankman-Fried had resigned as CEO.
Failed Crypto Exchange was Money Laundering Operation
November 13, 2022
FTX launched crypto donation platform Aid for Ukraine in March, setting itself up as the central clearing house for all cryptocurrency donations to Kiev’s war effort. While the exchange was supposed to route those donations to the National Bank of Ukraine, the report suggests it funneled at least some of the money back to the US through political donations. 

ZetaTalk Insight 11/12/2022: We warned in 2013 when BitCoin first exploded in popularity that cryptocurrency was ephemeral and could go poof at any time. Cryptos have no backing from a country, as national currencies do. Cryptos are a currency without a country or even a physical location, often residing on servers in the custody of crypto dealers. The FTX disappearance of almost a billion dollars will prove to be the collapse of the crypto gambit – a get-rich-quick scheme from the start. This outcome is also certain for Digital Currency, which will likewise vaporize into zero value if allowed to be legal.  

It is no coincidence that the FTX collapse is happening at the same time the Ukraine money laundering network is faltering and the Democrat election fraud maneuvers are about to be exposed. Biden administration funds sent to the Ukraine were only on paper, not a real thing, and intended to be a sting operation by the Junta. After arriving at the Ukraine, the recipients and disbursement were noted and tracked. Arrests will soon follow. Will the FTX tokens ever be recovered for investors? Gone like the wind.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/7/2013: This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously.  Unlike national currencies, where the government of a country stands behind the bills they print, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have only a network of servers that can be hacked and corrupted. A country can go bankrupt and its currencies become almost worthless, but one knows where to go to demand repayment. Not so for Bitcoin which can go poof.

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