Dec 15, 2022

🦉👿⏳ (6000 yrs ago Cabal subjugate world & serve their God of Moloch or Baal by vengeance and bloodlust) THE FALL OF THE CABAL FOR CHILDREN - PART 1 ~ Dec 15, 2022 (SOTW; A special dutch verson with eng subs. Good video. In Replay of Charlie Ward's Insiders Club with David Mahoney, Simon Parkes and Juan O Savin on Wednesday 14th December, Simon say on repeat like charlie; we're gonna have a very good Christmas 2022- then show us Simon & Charlie - we're waiting and waiting and... TBJ says watch Dec 18th 2022. Franky, i'm, not fond of key dates of importance, since, you often get disappointed and Cabal is masters of trickery and deception. However i wish we all could have a very, very merry christmas by planetary liberation) ~ |

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