Nov 11, 2022

πŸšΈπŸ›‘️πŸ•³️ ~ ('Mission success rate = Astonishing. Galactic Adoption-Agency taking "unhealed" Earth-Terra kids after D.U.M.Bs rescue. All US mt. has DUMBs, tunnels or stargate- portals.') EP 218 - Navy Whistleblower - Part 6 (SOTW; Yes sir! The invisible War in DUMBS and UNDERGROUND! OMG! I looove this guy. This is what SoTW is about. Exposing Elites, Royals and Controllers who's soul-snatching kids, preforming experiments or use them for sex trafficking. As ex-Danish RDAF MP I've seen stuff too inside Vedbaek-Bunkeren 60 meter below surface. Remember Janine Morigeau said A.P. MOLLER - MAERSK was involved in HUman trafficking + EVERGREEN - HCR - EVERGIVEN? In 2020 NY City’s Central Park housed thousands of abused children saved from underground captivity) ~ Nov 11, 2022 ~ |

List of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) - The Event Chronicle
FACT CHECK: Was A Central Park Tent Hospital Housing Thousands Of Abused Children Rescued From Underground Captivity? | Check Your Fact

➝ World Health Organization (WHO). πŸ”¦ – :The-Great-Work. (

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