Nov 30, 2022

🙋🎖️💖 (Unfathomable, Unstoppable and Utopia Utsavam) UTSAVA: Putin resigns, Government shutdown, Stock Market CRASH, Currency Reset ~ Nov 30, 2022 (SOTW; Is Utsava from Sweden? Excerpts; [Clone or 2nd version doubles] 'Putin' resigns <-30 dys. 'Joe' resigns soon. 'Hunter' arrested soon. Trump + Melania = divorced. Trump + Lady Diana = yes. Jan of 23 govt shutdown + financial relief. Mobile Med-Beds in yr 23 + natural medical all-around cure. YUUUGE stock market crash > 1929. Bitcoin = money laund. scheme. Asset backed cryptocur. will remain) ~ |

SoTW made pics and news from internet and media

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