Nov 23, 2022

🙈🔮🌌 (NOV. 22nd 2022 World News Video) 🔝 TBJ: 'Where's Everybody? Missing actors in Hollywood, Celebs, Politicians, Elites etc. Tarot card YES to Dolores Cannon's Souless body vehicles/ Backdrop people/ AFK and NPC 🔛 Will G20 leaders that agree to Global Vaccination Passport System World Wide, be a thing to worry about? = NO! 🔛 Will Trump be known for commander-in-chief in the general population before end of 2022? = YES! Strategical plan with Galactic helpers! 🔛 Green New Deal (GND) Go ahead or Fail? = FAIL! Already taken over by The Ashtar Command, Earth Alliance or Off-Worlders! 🔛 Alex Collier: Fast deploy of military boots on the ground in Australia and Canada (like in Brazil) and expand drastically into rest of the world. True or False? = TRUE! Absolute quality source. Timing could be wrong - days or hours! 🔚 ~ Nov 23, 2022 ~ |

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