Nov 23, 2022

💝 (Houston, we have a problem: Only4 Insiders Club / CC memb. 7H Gold £300pp + Black tie dresscode + airfare / transport / hotel etc.) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Nov 23, 2022 (SoTW; I think it's really amazing what Mr. Ward / Parkes / Mahoney does for the UK ppl. Like C.O.B.R.A R.M in Paris. Buuutt, i'd wait until the 'Shit Bucket' has been tipped over. Joe-the-Moe, Obummer, Nobama, Pedo-Pope and 500 WEF YGL, still in power. I'm looking forward to G/NESARA is implemented. After the RV/QFS and no more taxes as we know it. And of course, no more money that doesn't exist in the "Star Trek" universe.' ST-Transporter rooms at every corner. Med-beds lined up at every Healing-center. Food-Replicators as essential household items. DUMB's Hyper-Tube 1000km/h trains. Minority report and precrime policing - sending criminals to off-world 3-D Earth. First Contact and befriends my Star family) ~ |

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