Nov 14, 2022

🧑🏼‍🚀🐸 ~ ('Tarot cards confirms: Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX + U.S. Congress money laundering scandal can't be swept under the rug.') Laura's View and Tarot, Too: Did Space Force Track Ukraine/FTX Money Laundering? (SoTW; In other words, Crypto-currency billionaire Sam Bankman is "Fried" or "Toast" who Broke the Bank for Dems and slush fund to serve as a catalyst for government regulation of crypto?? My personally view is, that it will reflect badly towards other commie-democrat govt ruled countries like DK, since, there's talk about nobody can track the billions of military aid to Ukraine. Except, USSF, of course. Let's heard what Trump has to say about it & "very big announcement" Nov. 15) ~ Nov 14, 2022 ~ |

Remember, nothing can stop what's coming - 'Naysayer, Normie, Muggle' or Awaken Soul... NOTHING... Trust the 'Plan' not the 'Man.'... SoTW    

Did Space Force Track Ukraine/FTX Money Laundering? - YouTube

The Universe was asked to inform and provide insights about the alt. media report that Space Force had tracked a money laundering scheme where billions in aid to Ukraine was laundered through FTX and back to members of Congress and others who had no right to the money. 

Published 11/13/2022 Topic credit: Al for FTX info, Julie (moderator) for Space Force info.

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