Nov 16, 2022

πŸ˜‡πŸ—£️πŸ’– ('Leaders of the new land of Gaia, you have been called. Your time has come.') Pretty Li: IMPORTANT NEWS FOR LIGHT WORKERS ~ Nov 16, 2022 ~ |


Dear warrior family, the next few days are very important to Divine plan. The Divine says the Divine plan is moving along nicely. The plan for the future is extremely critical.

The Divine encourages lightworkers to keep the momentum going and know that the Divine and the company of heaven are helping to advance the Divine plan.
Crunch time has come.

Extraordinary time calls for extraordinary efforts. The Divine says our light workers are being called upon.

And some primitive light workers have been asked to begin their mission. It's time to bring your mission to the forefront so the planet knows who you are and why you're here.

The Divine says the time ahead requires a great deal of courage for some warriors of light. Especially light workers whose mission is to lead in the new earth.

Being a leader of the new earth requires different types of leadership skills. And to be the new leader of Gaia's Golden Age requires an open heart and a willingness to lead in times of great challenges and difficulties.

Leaders of the new land of Gaia, you have been called. Your time has come.

The Divine says these new leaders of the earth have been trained for many living times. In your Divine model, there are qualities that have been instilled in and with them in this life.

In other words, these leaders are fully equipped and have all the Divine qualities required for the future. All been prepped and ready now. His time has come.

The last thing God wants lightworkers to know is that, in the future, there will be some lightworkers who will begin to lead the way.

And there are also some light workers whose mission is to organize the rest of the light workers to support leaders.

The Divine advises our light workers and light workers communities to be in tune and support each other and support leaders so that together we can move forward in unison and we can bring heaven to earth.

Bringing heaven to earth requires all lightworkers to work together and support the leaders and support the Divine plan. That is the design and that is how we can advance the Divine plan and bring Divine government into our physical realm.

So, if you have a mission to lead, the Divine asks you to be aware and know that the time ahead is critical. The Divine asks the new leaders of the earth to get ready.
The time has come. Gaia's new land is here.

Gaia's new Earth leaders are being called up. Gaia's new Earthly Government, Divine Government has begun energetically and the time for Divine Government begins in our physical reality.

Gaia and the Divine are asking lightworkers to know the time has come.

Divine love and blessings to you. And that's just how it is.

(Pretty Li)

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