Nov 12, 2022

πŸ—Ώ (Hidden Hand + Media + Smithsonian = Blackout) Giant Mummies on display at the Gold Museum in Lima, Peru. There's only ONE museum in the world that's not affiliated with Smithsonian Institution. Glenn Kimball photographed the mummies of two of these giant men in Lima Peruin 1969 (SoTW; in other Breaking - the rain-starved low waters of the Mississippi River have unveiled several hidden treasures, including an incredibly rare fossil of a gigantic Ice Age American lion. Yet another one is a ancient 3,000-year-old whale skeleton gets fossil classification) ~ Nov 12, 2022 ~ |

Rare Fossil of Giant American Lion Found on Newly-Uncovered Sandbar in Mississippi River – Nwo Report
Rare fossil of American lion found along Mississippi River | Biloxi Sun Herald
Ancient whale skeleton gets fossil classification (

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