Oct 5, 2022

🔮 (October 2022) Monthly Predictions & Spiritual Insights: The Big Surprize! Most Critical Month, Watchout! (SOTW; JONI- A RICH DEMOCRAT FROM TEXAS?. WHY THE POSITIVSM OF BIDENS HEALTH? + ZELINSKY, TRUMPS ARREST + PROMOTE WW3? BIDEN IS DEAD JONI. PLS USE YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL DISCERMENT) ~ 5. October 2022 ~ |


Monthly Predictions & Spiritual Insights: October 2022

October will be the most astrologically eventful month of the year, marking both a solar eclipse and Mars going retrograde. In my previous newsletters, I’ve been predicting and writing about this period for a while, trying to prepare you for what’s to come. Now it’s time to heed warnings and use caution.

The first major event is the solar eclipse, which takes place on October 25. Solar eclipses occur twice each year, transpiring when there is a New Moon conjunct with either Rahu (the north node of the moon) or Ketu (the south node of the moon). Since Rahu and Ketu are exactly opposite by sign, eclipses occur six months apart.

For the October 25 eclipse, Ketu is conjunct with the New Moon at 7 degrees Libra in Swati Nakshatra, and most importantly, conjunct with Venus at 8 degrees Libra.
Although Venus in Libra is normally good for the economy, Venus’ energy is wiped out when eclipsed. Additionally, a Ketu eclipse usually indicates a loss.

This eclipse will occur in Libra with Venus. Libra is the sign of justice and peace - its symbol is the balancing scale - and the eclipse indicates a loss of justice, which causes a lack os peace. We are a long way from finding justice and peace. Expect increased social discord and strife over the economy to ensue during this time.

Where the eclipse is occurring - i.e., the Swati Nakshatra - also has some interesting implications. Swati is the Nakshatra for business and particularly artful communications in business dealings. Symbolized by a blade of grass swaying in the wind, the Swati Nakshatra means communications that can sway whichever is needed to make a deal.

This Ketu eclipse in Swati indicates a loss of trust in the areas of business and communications, which is particularly problematic in today’s environment where so many do not trust the information provided to them. With that mistrust comes more misinformation, as people tend to attract what is projected outward. We must have trust in order to attract more trust, and the eclipse indicates it will be a long time before trust can be regained.

The planet Venus rules both finances with Taurus and relationships with Libra, and in October, both areas will be under scrutiny. This will be a time to work on healing issues with your partner and with your bank accounts, or both will fail.

As with all eclipses, something hidden will be revealed, as the mere symbolism of the light being darkened indicates. As Libra pertains to relationships, everything involving clarity, truth, and trust is on the line this month - both globally and personally. It’s time to be honest with those you care about to strengthen trust.

The six months before and after this particular eclipse of the New Moon - i.e., when the Sun and Moon are the same degrees as Rahu and Ketu - is very sensitive and will impact our world’s leaders. President Biden’s natal Moon is opposed at 7 degrees Aries, just as Queen Elizabeth’s natal Sun was 7 degrees Aries - i.e., the same as Biden’s. I believe this indicates something is about to occur involving President Biden’s health or position. We can never ignore the sensitive degrees of eclipses!

The second big event occurs on October 30, as Mars will turn retrograde at 1 degree of Gemini. I believe this is critical since the degree aligns with many important charts that I use for prediction. Natal Mars in the U.S. chart is 0 degrees Gemini.

I predict the retrograde cycle of Mars will personally affect Vice President Kamala Harris due to her Ascendant degree and natal Rahu sitting at 1 degree Gemini, which I believe indicates her position. Another individual with this same important degree is Xi Jinping; his Sun is 0 degrees Gemini. In putting all these charts together, I predict this Mars retrograde will activate these individuals, and something big is brewing with China and the U.S.

Mars is anger, frustration, violence, weapons, and war. Therefore, with the Mars retrograde, I foresee the last part of this year heating up with incredible volatility and violence. It will be the final purging of the years building up to this explosion.

Mars in the sign of Gemini pertains to communications. Inevitably, there is great anger over the information being given to the people, which has created a lack of trust in people around the world.

To view the chart, click the image above to expand it.

Over the next 5 months, Mars will spend its time in Taurus (from November 15 until March 12), but will only be in retrograde motion from October 30 - January 12. Mars’ time in Taurus has already caused great concerns about the economy around the world, but this indicates the worst is yet to come. A lack of fuel around the world, particularly in Europe, could cause big problems, especially heading into the frigid temperatures of winter.

From my previous newsletter, I researched the last time Mars retrograded in these signs. Here is a reminder of what I found:
The last time Mars was retrograde in early Gemini, stationed directly 0 degrees in Gemini, was January 2008. During this cycle, it was retrograde solely in Gemini so it skipped Taurus. The last time Mars was retrograde entirely in the sign of Taurus was October 1990 - January 1991. Going back, there was a recession in 1990, and we saw some countries broken apart while others were united. Yugoslavia broke apart into six republics while Germany’s east and west united. In both cases, there was an economic recession, which makes sense since Taurus is the sign of money and finances.”

Finally, another interesting aspect occurring this month is that on October 8, transiting Pluto is about to turn direct at about 2 degrees Capricorn. This is a powerful degree because Pluto will remain at this point for months - and this degree connects President Biden and Donal Trump!
President Biden has natal Jupiter at 2 degrees Cancer in his 9th house of the law, while Trump has natal Venus at 2 degrees Cancer in his 12th house of imprisonment. This could mean that the government will press charges on Trump for the raid on his home. But as we will see, the lunar eclipse occurs on election day - November 8 - meaning there will be huge controversy over voting.

What does all this mean for us?
The peace and balance promised in the U.S. by the government leaders are creating nothing but anger and violence. The division in this and many other nations around the world is about to lead to war. No matter if the issue is wrong or right, politicians are creating turmoil over their stanch beliefs with no room for compromise.

Through the many events occurring worldwide, we are in for the fight of our lives until the end of this year (2022). In the process, much will be revealed about the truthfulness of both political sides.

As always, this boils down to our own reflection within ourselves. In order to attract trustworthy people, we must be able to trust ourselves. We must become trustworthy.
When you commit to something, you must trust yourself to follow through. When you commit to someone, you must complete what you promised. When you are truthful, you will begin to develop trust in others. Then, you will begin to see it reflected in the outer world as well.

This is the most valuable lesson being presented from this beautiful and powerful Libra eclipse - the sign of peace and justice.

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