Oct 3, 2022

✨ (Nyla Nguyen: Black Winter Is Coming) Polymer Notes Have Graphene Oxide, Indian Banks Closed For 20 Days, Sabotage Of The Nord Stream Pipe (SOTW; ANOTHER BEUTIFUL 'TRUTHER') ~ 3. October 2022 ~ |

Video of Biden Saying He'd 'End' Nord Stream Resurfaces After Pipeline Leak (msn.com)
Former minister’s Nord Stream sabotage tweet causes uproar in Poland – EURACTIV.com
State Dept: Nord Stream 2 Will Not Move Forward If (marinelink.com)

Kabal has managed to sneak graphene oxide in new bank notes. Indian banks have closed for 20 days, which is unheard of, maybe they are switching to the QFS. Sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines by the Americans. Mobile Blackouts in EU which will lead to a harsh winter if people are not prepared.

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