Oct 3, 2022

🧬 (GAOG) Kryon ~ The Grand Avatar ~ 3. October 2022 ~ |


by Lee Carroll

October 2, 2022, via email

What does a grand avatar have that you seem not to? The answer to that question is: COMPLETE SELF-AWARENESS.

When you discover the divinity inside, your DNA changes to accommodate the reality of your discovery. This is also called “creating your own reality,” a subject we have explored before.

Your DNA is perfect, but you have allowed restrictors to be placed in your body that provides for short lifetimes, disease, and imbalance.

With intent, these restrictors are lessened, and the DNA is allowed to become closer to what it was designed to be. All of this was created by you and for you.

Now you are being enabled to bring the DNA into a state that will respond to your consciousness.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via gary@kryon.us)

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