Sep 13, 2022

✨ (Nyla Nguyen: Clinton next one falling???) Energy Crisis In Eu, Saskatchewan False Flag Event, Fauci To Turn Over Emails With Big Tech, Lizard ~ 13. September 2022 ~ |

Putin made his counter move with shutting down the Nordstream pipeline, effectively sending the EU into the stone ages. NATO is backed into a corner, if they release the sanctions, they will destroy their own economies and the people will go after the politicians. The stabbing in Saskatchewan was a false flag event. Fauci is not above the law and has been ordered by a judge to turn over external communications to Big Tech. Lizard Elizabeths’ death has been finally announced by the media. It’s about time, since she’s been dead for the past 2 years now. Trump wins his request to get Special Master to review the documents seized by the FBI and DOJ. We have new information on cellular voltage and how people vibrating in higher frequencies do not get ill.

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