Sep 2, 2022

⛈️🌬️πŸ’›πŸ’™ ~ (Europe’s ‘perfect storm’ energy crisis?) It's a scam (Paul Joseph Watson) ~ | Blogger: Of course it's all a SCAM!... Joe-the-Moe Biden C'mon Man - WTFBRAHH! Who goes after the 'ultra-MAGA agenda'... 'Lord Voldemort' nazi Zelensky... All the puppets of DS, CABAL and Klaus Schwab's 500 Young Global Leaders... Not to forget - the military-industrial-complex (MIC) that president Eisenhower warned us about... |

Grain ship from Ukraine towed to anchorage in Istanbul, traffic reopened | Reuters
Europe is in an energy crisis. What happens if Putin cuts off the gas? (
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Air-con, ties and lights: How Europe plans to save energy and get through winter without blackouts - The Local
Kosovo Learns to Live With Rolling Power Blackouts Again in Europe Energy Crisis - Bloomberg
It's a scam. - YouTube

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