Aug 3, 2022

⭐πŸ¦…πŸ—½ ~ (Controlled Opposition: Nasty-Pants, "Kamelion" Harris & Joe-the Moe) 5 Amazing Woman Predicts The Worlds Outcome Centered Around America (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: I loooove America on SoTW. Been lucky to visited most countries around the world (also Russia and Ukraine since I had a wife from there). Was happy when Trump came in - but not his "exit." (my friend Jay - hated the Bush family). My Higher-Self (H-S) has told me (not by Past Life Regression Therapy but Holistic ND + Kinesiology). Reincarnated as Native American Shaman, and been through 2 wars. My recent past life (root chakra) I was a lend out as polish Royal Air Force pilot of World War II fighting Nazis. 2nd tour, sailor on US warship etc. We have lived many lives before this and we will live many lives after this. As such, we consist of many personalities from the different lives we live. You have been male and you have been female, you have been different races, religions and genders, lived under different cultures. This lifespan, I had special attachment to America, after my exchange student trip in 89', and my Soul-Mate Jay (died of cancer), and been there many times after... Janine (New Quick Chat video - August 1st 2022) has already told us, that, Mr. Biden (the world's greatest actor) could be gone, by the end of this week (right before 8/8 galactic Leo superwave of heart expansion). Widespread fear that mass-media messages keeps the "normies" in place with crisis after crisis. Buuutt, it's a fact, Biden 'Swagger-in-Chief’ keeps getting Covid (The US president is experiencing “a bit of a return of a loose cough,” his doctor said). Aaand if he will "disappear-from-the-scene" who will replace him? "Kamelion" Harris? (shape-changing android in Dr. Who). Mr. Trump is already in "charge". Will, Diana, Princess of Wales, return? My H-S has told me 6 times in the past 1,5 year - that a (beloved and well-know) woman (outside any political party) will be the next president of the New Republic of America... Anyways, you know, since we cant trust MSM, we might as well turn to Alternative Media Outlets, Tarot Card Readings, Vedic Astrologers, Energy Healers and Intuitive Counsellors. etc. etc... My pick is Mel Rentmeister... Laura's View and Tarot, Too... Joni Patry... Tarot by Janine... Megan Rose... |

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