Jul 25, 2022

🌸🦁😘✨πŸ’• ~ ('Intense healing/purging cycle as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, turned Retrograde. Opening the ‘Universal Heart’ to all.') LionsGate Activates Strength of Purpose & Passion (Meg Benedicte) ~ |

Artist: Selina Fenech


Leo magic is underfoot! Ruled by the Sun, Leo emphasizes the divine spark at the heart of our solar system…and within each one of us. Leo season ignites deeper solar illumination, vitality and creative life force in your life. Tap into the vibrancy of Leo energy to increase your own super-radiance.

We are currently experiencing an intense healing/purging cycle as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, turned Retrograde. It is a potent time to tie up loose ends, heal unresolved wounding and get ready for another powerful shift into higher consciousness. You are leveling-up into the next phase of your Soul’s mission with increasing Leonine strength and courage. All the inner work is preparing you for a more active role in fulfilling your Soul purpose.

The Leo LionsGate enhances attributes of self-love and personal power. Leo is the sign of Strength. In tarot, the Strength card (Fortitude) depicts a woman embracing a lion and Infinity sign. The tarot meaning of the Strength card signifies patience, dedication and accomplishing what you put your mind to. Your resilience restores you, so that you are fearlessness in expressing your heart-felt truth. The Strength card also indicates that compassion is rewarded with more stability (Infinity) in your life.

Leo the Lion forges new strength within your central core, brave heart and determined mind. Leo the Lion helps you find your power; you already have the talent and the skill, you only need to muster your courage to make big moves. You are being encouraged to become the powerful solar sun of your own energy, embracing Leonine qualities of inner strength, courage and confidence in your daily life.

Leo the Lion governs the heart. On 8-8, the LionsGate portal is opening the ‘Universal Heart’ to all. Leo enhances the circular flow of LOVE – to send and receive LOVE. As you ascend into more heart resonance, you begin to hold the frequency of Leo’s brave heart. You experience more self-love and compassion for others. LionsGate inspires you to lead from the heart, take bold, passionate action on behalf of the greater good. It is a benevolent, nurturing energy!

As you join me in the 8-8 Galactic Lions Gateway, I will guide you through powerful Ascension Activations utilizing the Lion’s superwave of LOVE frequencies enhancing inner-strength, courage and self-expression. This is a very potent day to amplify your visions, intentions and hearts desires.
Lovingly, Meg

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