Jul 3, 2022

😡‍πŸ’«⚡ ~ (Truth in plain sight?..) Impossible? mAKE sENSE 2 mE (Miscellaneous SoTW) ~ | Blogger: WOW! Two World Split! Check that video out shared by "3D to 5D Consciousness" at Bell Rock - Sedona, Arizona! SoTW have been in Sedona 2 times - that literary 'rock' my world. These days I can't go to America or I will see inside of a vax-jail and it's to bloody extensive. OMG! I miss America and everything about it... Btw, 6000 US patents are still a secret and suppressed technologies (including Free Energy Devices, Antigravity, Sonic Healing Machines). Free energy suppression (or new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, water power engine, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources... |

A New Solar Powered Car, Called Lightyear, Can Go Months Without Plugging In | Watch (msn.com)

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