Jul 1, 2022

※πŸ”΄πŸ”Ί~ (This video is restricted/private - watch it on link) Benjamin Fulford Friday podcast with Q&A 6/24/2022 (19 min) (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: In regards BF and his Trump-is-an-actor-traitor and not commander-in-chief, you must-not-obey-him; Mr. Fulford is WRONG!. Yes, Trump has doubles to assist him, like many others leaders, but because, of the many rumors of assassination attempts etc. - he has too. Trump sometimes go out and rally with a "double". Why BF goes berserk on Trump and his team i have no idea... |

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a 
journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Benjamin Fulford Friday podcast with Q&A 6/24/2022 (19 min) (rumormillnews.com)
Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 6/24/2022 – Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis

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