Jul 12, 2022

⚠️๐Ÿ“ข๐Ÿ‘‚ ~ ('GG-'boxes' world-wide. DS killed Abe. Trump's Soul is 50/50 Pleiadian / Andromedan.') Chas Carter & Simon Parkes PPN Network. 8th July 2022 (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Simon starts at 10 min. marker. They go through a lot of good Q&A. More details about GG (Georgia Guidestones) at 49 min. marker about so-called "time-capsules". Simon thoughts are a bit different really about the alleged time capsule beneath Georgia Guidestones a bust after bombing forces demolition. GG-explosion was made by space-force-satellite energy-weapon at 45 degrees says Simon (same as SoTW got). It's NOT a time capsule, per say, it's more like a "device" or "box" containing "knowledge" like ancient-chinese-scrolls and be open only when certain event's take place. Goes well with Janine and Julie talks about they feel the "box" underneath GG is a "healing-device" of importance to HUmanity. More '"boxes" has been found WW. Putin has discovered 2 in Russia. 1 in Romania. Several in Europa, says Simon. Reminds me on SoTW about the legend of Sphinx that leads to the mystery-shrouded Hall of Records etc. After Simon said that - my intuition tells me that - What if... these "devices or boxes or time capsules" are equal to "Space arks" like Salla is taking about? "ARKs" that contains seeds, ET DNA, real bible study or real HUman history etc.? - just a thought. Yeah - I KNOW Dr. Salla and his source "JP" talks about massive spaceships (arks) underneath Earth and at the Moon and in our Universe kinda (like 'Transformers': The 'Dark Of The Moon' Conspiracy)... |

PS: ANYWHO - I wish (I wish a lot of things) - I wish my local DK-CC coordinators were more visual, more on-the-beat and had more drive on social media, more meetings, since last 2 weeks has been phenomenal. Buuut - nothing! not even a whisper! They're gone on vacation. Fair enough. Since they got family, kids, partying and business to attend to. Me, on the other hand on SoTW, have a lot of free time and always knows what to do with it. Being a creative influencer, blogger and dedicated spiritual soul - takes 24/7... |


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