Jul 30, 2022

🌊🕳️☔ ~ (BREAKING YUUUGE MONSOON IN NV DRY STATE!!!!) HAARP, DEWs, Cloud-seeding? Southwest rains flood deserts, cascade into Vegas multiple casinos, entire Strip, airport under water as thunderstorms pound Nevada (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: What day had the highest rainfall in Las Vegas? August 21, 1957 ... Vegas has 310 sunny days... It has to be a White Hat operation to flood the Mafia owned casinos, save children and destroy DUMBs. There are hundreds of miles of hazardous storm drains tunnels in Las Vegas, built in 1980's. But now, your telling me, the entire city is flooded? IMPOSSIBLE! ... For me at least, on SoTW, this is HUGE!... I have never heard of the city of Las Vegas or valley has been flooded by monsoon rains. Buuut of course I do not live there.. I have visited California, Nevada, Arizona (Mexico) several times, at least 5 times in Vegas, thunderstorms yeah, never floodings... List of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) NEVADA: 1. "Blue Diamond", 2. "Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip.". 3. "Quartzite Mountain SE of Tonopah". 4. "Tonopah, Airforce" (and other secret tunnels controlled by mafia casino owners in Hotels)... It should now be clear to everyone that Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Kim Jong Un, Bolsonaro and Bin Salman are single-handedly destroying the New World Order... |

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