Jun 25, 2022

๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ‘ฆ ~ (#TheGlobalPedoGate Natasha Red-sparrows Honey-Trap-Operations) Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Intro Immortalize Real-life Moments (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: “The red room is your home now” - that line always brings a shiver down my spine... Yes, a cold-war scenario, and Russia, is the enemy (of course). I'm sure the 'original' Putin, old USSR and KGB, has done it as-well and had spy-schools etc. But, CIA is the real enemy. CIA as puppets to their puppet-masters, the highest of 33rd freemasonic lodge above all lodges, namely, Order of the Garter aka Committee of 300 aka The Olympians, with drug and sex trafficking for decades. This intro-scene was probably the best from the whole movie. This intro just took my breath away how amazing it depicted reality. It didn't felt like I was watching a marvel movie it felt like I was watching a real event. This is exactly what they want to do to us. Beginning of the movie has scenes of how poor-orphans-kids they were trafficked in containers and D.U.M.B's. Like Evergreen ship in Suez Canal + Maersk industries are infamous for. They are telling us to our faces. Predictive programming. Experimenting with kids. Super-soldier kids. Traumatized with false hope, love and safety. Adrenochrome harvesting. Clone factories. Brain microchip, medications and gene-therapy nanotech vaccines. Occult satanic goat Baphomet offerings. Stockholm Syndrome and Child Sexual Abuse. You name it. they got it. From Royals to Elites to Celebs to V.I.P.s. Most of them are entrapped into the sex-industry called Pedo-world. If you know you know. That is why SoTW are fighting every day for our kids, elderly and caseless people that CABAL, exploits... |

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