Jun 10, 2022

🤥👨‍💼🛐 ~ (Obama is one over-hyped freaking Messiah) »The Obama Foundation« and The Greatest Showman in Town! The Cash-Cow-Couple has arrived! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Barack Obama's" tenure as the 44th president of the United States began with his first inauguration on January 20, 2009, and ended on January 20, 2017 was pre-identified as a future U.S. President like any other american president👈] .... 😮O-M-G!.. 🤦‍♂️FOLKS!... 😵You have been lied to!... 🕵️Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation. So was his white foster-parents...💣America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama's reign... 🙏I'm sorry on SoTW to say this - get it through your thick head... 👁️⃤ The Cabal World - First we had (WEF) Annual Meeting 2022 taking place in Davos, Switzerland, under the theme, 'working Together, restoring Trust' from May 22 to 26.. After that, The Bilderberg Meeting 2022 that took place from 2 to 5 June in Washington, D.C.. Now, Obama then travels to Denmark, of course. He's back, again, to make MILLIONS of funny-money from lectures, in the expense of taxpayers money, the elite gay-comminuty, business-guys and gals, freemasonic lodges and in another political-marriage-proposal to keep the world as one-big-playground for the elite, to enjoy... 📍PS: Of course you should use (beta) "Brave Search", since "DuckDuckGo" has been compromised and taken over by Microsoft - never use "Google Search", "Bing search" and all the (Cabal) internet searches... |


"We might as well refrain from denying it. Denmark is one of the oldest allies of the United States which has managed to Americanize our culture, knowledge and the goods we buy and in some cases has been subject to their dominance, to promote our influence on the world stage and retain our triple AAA ratings.

Did you know (Denmark recognized the United States as early as 1792), and there was a Danish diplomatic representation in the United States as early as 1801?. 

In 1827, an (American diplomatic representation) came to Denmark. Only interrupted by Germany's occupation of Denmark during World War II, Denmark and the United States have been close allies throughout the period and especially in the aftermath where both countries helped found NATO. To this day, cooperation in NATO, where both countries are key members, is a cornerstone of the relationship between the two countries.

Danish-American association (DIF)was founded back in 1922, Danes have several city locations in the United States, such as (Solvang) in Santa Barbara County [visited several times], (Danish Windmill Elk Horn), Iowa USA (Spise med Price).

The Danish government leaders over time, courting and cheering for the attention of the American administration, lobbyists for powerful companies.

In 1947, the (US diplomatic mission in Denmark) was elevated to the embassy. In relation to the country's size, the embassy in Copenhagen is quite large. It is by far the largest foreign representation in Denmark and houses a number of regional headquarters, including the State Department's Science and Technology Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI Office. 

The Prime Ministers of Denmark and god-knows-who-else gives speeches at the annual (Rebild Festival), to mark the strong friendship and the cultural ties between people in the USA and Denmark. In 2012, they celebrated their 100th anniversary."
 ~ SoTW

😲"Barry Soetoro" was how "Barack Obama" was known in high school and portrayed himself as a foreigner, according to a classmate.  The evidence of his birth certificate being a fraud is overwhelming and he is no Christian either - he's America's first 'Muslim president'!  Just like unsubstantiated rumor claims former CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim who converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.  "Obama" was, by his own admission, a “C” student, a dope smoker and a member of the Marxist Club at Occidental, a co-educational liberal arts college.  And everyone in the gay-community KNOWS that Obama is homosexual! His "wife" and so many pieces of compelling evidences, that Michelle, is really Big Mike. "Big Mike or Michael" has Transgendered into "Michelle" in seamless Transformation. 
Furthermore, The deep CIA penetration of Africa was evident in the Agency’s apparent recruitment of Barack Obama Sr., a protégé of Tom Mboya, an anticommunist, pro-capitalist Luo from Kenya. 

Consider that it is now declassified former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was recruited into MI5 before becoming a labour leader, or that Rise of the Fourth Reich George H. W. Bush not only became CIA director in 1976 but had a deeper past in the organization. NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, former KGB-spy, codename "Steklov", Bilderberger, and Freemason. Anders 'Fog of War' Rasmussen, Bilderberger, and Freemason and member of The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a conspiracy theory that claims a powerful group was founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and rules the world. 

To take it bit further, Andrew Basiago, who was aiming to run for the 2016 Presidential election, was partly based on his belief that he was pre-identified as a future U.S. President in a CIA/DARPA run time travel program called “Project Pegasus.” In 1980, at the start of the CIA Mars Jump Room project, Basiago claims that he learned that Barack Obama had also been pre-identified as a future President... (SoTW)

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