Jun 11, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Jeez: Why the Biden sickening 'trans-woman' agenda & Product-Placements in Star Trek? I don't understand!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: 🎞️A very positive BF video-report. We are wining - it's only a matter of 'time' - even if we're still in a WAR and it's going to be a 'tough-summer', especially, for the American people, he says. Every single MSM is owned by Rockefeller, BF says, except Fox News. I think i heard BF say, that Russia Today is, CIA-controlled? (if true - why the heck is it banned in Pro-CIA countries like Denmark and most over EU? why did he have to spoil my evening!). Anyways, we're facing an REVOLUTION, he says. Many will be hanged as TRAITORS, according to his White Hat sources. WH has also promised a Financial Jubilee - one-time writeoff of all world debts, public and private (I heard that from BF since 2017-18). I guess that SoTW was right about one thing - FIAT-money - gold and greenback deal and changed the global monetary system almost overnight in 1972. BF is taking about as well. It's only a 15 minute report - rest is Q&A. Btw - BF also says, General Flynn is finished (Simon and Dr Charlie Ward thinks different - one of the reason Tarot by Janine dislike Simon i guess)... 🎞️🎞️PS: Another video you might wanna consider is "Nino's Corner: Kerry Cassidy - The Theory of Wayne Williot and the Trump Return". Buuutt, a warning label attached - they are 'fighting words' and who to believe at the TRUTH-movement. Either it's trusting Simon Parkes or not, and or who Juan O’ Savin really is and what Kerry believes the White Hat Operation consists of and is really behind. etc. Once again I think Kerry is wining the "spitfighting"- with all due respect to Nino'. Not many people can match Kerry and what she have in the knowledge bank. SoTW have meet her - she is awesome, even sometimes, has to many crazy theories - but who hasn't - right?... |

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