May 20, 2022

🔮🎴🦸‍♀️ ~ (Tarot readers are NOT researchers!) TRUTH ABOUT REPLACED LEADERS: TRUMP! PUTIN! ARE THEY THE REAL PEOPLE OR ARE THEY SOMETHING ELSE? (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: Janine's reference... Btw, please don't kill the SoTW-messenger, but I have heard for years, Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka "Kim Possible" - many are saying, she works for the Black-Hats or is a "Controlled-Opposition" (but who knows)... 2nd video is with The Patriot Streetfighter... PS: Don't get me wrong - i looove - Janine, but it's paradox she says, "you cannot be a 'researcher' as a tarot-reader" - SoTW truly get that. But she's as much upbeat and trying to find the "truth", like the rest of us - right? She has a 'huuuge digital-army', she says, who deliver her stuff and just watched "Candace Owens". Hm. Anyways, SoTW, cant trust tarot-cards alone, so I need to do my own research, every day... |

Check out Tarot by Janine's new video where she does a reading looking at the truth surrounding rumors about certain world leaders being replaced but appear as the original people? She looks at Trump and Putin in particular! Is there any truth to these stories? Who are the real people that appear before the public? Join in! 

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