May 20, 2022

🍌🐒🦠 ~ (SmallPox Outbreak: US Patents assigned to Danish Bavarian Nordic A/S, Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.) Poxvirus vectors as HIV/AIDS vaccines in humans! 2019 Event 201 predicted Covid-19 pandemic! 2021 Monkeypox Simulation! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger (I) told youuu (so)!... 🍌GUESS WHAT (FACTS) - In March 2021, NTI, partnered with the Munich Security Conference in Germany to conduct a tabletop exercise simulating a global pandemic involving an unusual strain of #monkeypox caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory... 🍌REMEMBER? EVENT 201: Bill Gates & World Economic Forum simulated coronavirus outbreak in a pandemic tabletop exercise 6 weeks before first case in Wuhan... 🍌DENMARK INVOLVED IN 2022 SMALLPOX OUTBREAK? - The Danish govt used EU's approval of support for a DK vaccine (AdaptVac) entering an DKK800 million agreement with Bavarian Nordic. DK-govt later retracted the deal, AdaptVac, never or was to late, on market. Buuutt, now, CCP-Biden admin has just purchased 13M doses of monkeypox vaccines and I bet you 1 million dollars, that Bavarian Nordic A/S, is the 'gladly-givers' (still a state-secret which country, Bavarian Nordic A/S, sold it to)... All proof is enclosed into this post... 🧘PS: ON Simon's International CC member Meditation to raise consciousness, some said - YES - there's an EVENT before this weekend ENDS...🧳🚢👪 PSS: SoTW going "Dark" for a few days - stay-tuned!... |

WHO convenes emergency meeting over rare disease outbreak – media

Rare monkeypox outbreak: The disease is incurable and it’s already been found in at least 10 countries. 

German NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) Monkeypox Simulation From 2021 

Toy Story 3 "Death By Monkeys" 

German health minister Lauterbach at G7 meeting: "We will do a very realistic exercise in which a smallpox pandemic results from a leopard bite. 

‘It shouldn’t surprise me if we see a case of monkey pox in Denmark in next week, ”says the concerned expert

The BBC said there is HIV in the Covid-19 vaccines.

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