May 6, 2022

⚖️👿🤘 ~ (Satan = Serpent-Seed-Sex with Eve + Twin-Lucifer, Devil Unholy Trinity!) DEEP DIVE INTO THE TRUTH ABOUT SATAN, LUCIFER & THE DEVIL! TRUE FACTS OR RELIGIOUS DARKSIDE FICTION? (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: Okay!.. Waaaaauv!... These Deep-Dive revelations are quite some doozies!... The Satanic Trinity is REAL!... Sneaky-Snake-Serpent-Satan got his hands on Eve so did Adam! (twin babies)... So we got "Satan" (Earthly Serpent represented by Reptilian Energy) + "Lucifer" (Brother-in-arms from another Galaxy) and the "Devil" (is the demonic-created energy from lifetimes of repeating bad traumas, fear and dysfunctional behavior, passed down from generation to generation)... The "gang" (unholy trinity) are facing (WH + Trump) justice and got their butts kicked, says Janine. But a lot of "cleanup" and unaware "minions" still following (Satan) rules... GREAT news for HUmanity - not so good - for the Globalists, Satanists, Dark-Cult, Deep-State, Demonic-Blood-Lines, current Monarchies and Ivy Leagues, like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and (Herlufsholm School)... As always, please use your own, Spiritual Discernment... |


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