May 28, 2022

πŸ€—⚖️⛓️ ~ (Lake Geneva + NYC + Silicon Valley: 'When you see it on AP & NYT then you know it's game over.' ~ BF) NINOS CORNER-Benjamin Fulford - The Deep State Has Exhausted The Playbook 5-26-22~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Nino sums it up: 'the good news is, the Deep State is of it tail end of exhausting the play-book or Hail MarysπŸ‘ˆ] ... (SoTW) - No matter if you trust in BF, this is for me, a really good positive "End-Times-Madness" view, how close we are to the western 'Cabal' or 'The Establishment' demise (call them what you wish) and before it all crashes for the 'Hidden-Hand' as David Icke, calls them and we are able to see the New Golden Age transformation in the glitches of the Matrix... |

The desperate moves of control continue within the deep state. Benjamin explains why the deep state is all but done.Are we witnessing the last desperate moves of a dying old guard? It seems so...ENJOY! 

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