May 27, 2022

🤓🥳✌️ ~ (Freaky-Friday: "Deep state cabal" is NOT easing up sails in a heavy storm!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Friday even more freakier than freaky... 🤪Watch out - crazy times ahead🤪... ⚠️FINALLY in the Lame-Stream-News: "Texas cops did ‘NOTHING’ to stop school shooter – parents. Uvalde police were unable to explain why it took them an HOUR to break down a barricaded door and kill the gunman." ( ⚠️DENMARK BIG PHARMA HQ - Danish VPCIR biosciences, going-in-all, by diagnosing the new viral disease, monkey pox. + Bavarian Nordic signs 'larger' monkeypox vaccine supply deal with unnamed country + Grindr has alerted European users to the risk of monkeypox despite experts insisting it’s not an STD. + Enochian BioSciences, biopharmaceutical company, owned by 'Pandora billionaire club', René Sindlevs top-scientists, has a KILLER, in the Midst, named, Serhat Gumrukcu ( + + Fiercepharma + Newsmax)... ⚠️IN THE MEANWHILE, the disgraced actor, Kevin Spacey, faces new charges with 4 sexual assaults in UK (, + new charges puts Bill Cosby in a new civil trial that begins in L.A., drugging and sexually assaulting another woman were overturned (Theguardian). That is not all, DISTURBING video from Disney+ promotes “This is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular” featuring a cross dresser encouraging children to join GLSEN, a trans activist organization (Keanu Reeves)... ⚠️O-M-G! ARE THOSE PEOPLE INSANE??? Ex-Danish immigration minister, Inger Støjberg (depicted below) found guilty and jail for asylum separations is out again - and THOUSANDS of Danes pay tribute to Stoejberg despite prison sentence: RELEASE-PARTY on Visborggaard Castle (WTF!)... 🙏SOTW TRUELY WISH for a better world - sooner-than-later!. How much more can we all take? Are we REALLY the 99% that fight against the 1%? Why hasn't more woken up yet? It’s NOT that I can’t SEE what THEY see it’s that I see what THEY can’t... |

NEW - Pope Francis: "Ours is the age of fake news, collective superstitions, and pseudo-scientific truths."


Executive Director of Oxfam International at WEF: "Covid has been one of the most profitable products ever"


Is it true that when the Indians saw ships for the first time, they couldn't see them because they had never known of its existence? Was it because their eye's photoreceptors couldn't gather the light reflected from the ship or that their brains couldn't comprehend what they were looking at??

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