Apr 29, 2022

✨πŸ”–πŸš€ ~ (SWOT analysis of... man of the hour... of a 'Quantum Package') ELON MUSK, TRUTH SOCIAL MOVEMENT, TRUMP (Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach) πŸ’– ~ | Blogger: Many truthers are joking about Elon Musk is an "alien"... Janine Morigeau, says this time next year (2023), she predicts, that (normies) are able to travel underground in the top-secret "maglev network of trains" to earth continents in hours. Listen to what Michelle says, in the 27 minute maker. I know, Janine do not resonate with Michelle, the funny thing is, that both, are predicting or channeling (whatever) "some" of the same things.. Veeeery interesting channeling by Sanat Kumara through Michelle... Will upset many Q-Anons (let me tell you that)... No matter how people may or may not, consider Michelle's channeling predictions, a Welcome Wagon or Baloney, SoTW only take out what resonate with my Inner Truth - home for self-discovery... This is a non-stop 40 minute "positive" analysis on Elon Musk (I guess)... At the 19 minute marker, I find it interesting, that Michelle says, Elon is NOT working with Trump at the moment. Elon is NOT behind the 17th letter of the alphabet and was NOT working with the 17th letter team, either way, he's in fact, ABOVE, their level of clearance, and would essentially report, to him. The "17th letter of the alphabet" was actually a PSYOP, says Michelle, to wake up the people and to create the impetus, to the truth-social-movement. She goes on, that Trump, is NO longer a "frontman" for the peoples movement AKA the truth-social-movement. Trump is NOT a leader of WHITE HATS, a Woman are - and its NOT Melania Trump. PS: SoTW H-S told me, on 5 different occasions, that next President of the "New Republic Of America", will be a woman (female JFK or Lady Di?). It makes some sense to me on the SoTW-channel. My take has always been, Donald Trump is/was always (only) the "Catalyst" or "kick-starter" of the Truth-movement event (Q), since 2017 (perhaps before), and are now steeping back, for someone else, to take over (Michelle Fielding says other Trump members in 2022-2024). It's just like "Fear" has been good as a catalyst for public sanitation during Corona-ScanDemic and or now after, Russia's Putin authorises 'special military operation' against Ukraine (if you believe in that)... |


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