Apr 25, 2022

🍟❌🗳️ ~ (Rumors and Gossip) Trump / Le Pen Déjà Vu 2020 Voter Fraud? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Macron président plus jamais👈] ... Waaauv and not in a good way! How far will TheWhiteHats allow this "ClownShow" to go on?... Unfreaking believable!... Klaus Schwab - The Leader of all Leaders (Führer Der Führer) and his Global Leaders of Tomorrow, Communist Rothschild Banker Macron wins, even if the Frenchmen, hate his guts! And the First Lady, born a MAN (rumor has it)... CABAL to Le Pen who supports Putin: You are either with us, or against us!...🤥PS: 25/4/2022: More on the "rigged" department, from Mr. Pool + others... The WORLD MUST WITNESS EVERYTHING... |

"Mr Pool deleted Tweet a while ago. Decoded by my friend Mr F on TG 🔥 Real time transfer is likely in terms of the French election. Like the American election, the fraud was tracked in real time. Seems they know it was rigged." ~ Dark II Light (twitter)


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