Apr 28, 2022

🦹🐸🦸‍♂️ ~ (Once a BADIE now Earth Alliance agent?) Is Elon 'The Frontrunner' for White Hats? Will TRUTH Social be the BIGGEST juggernaut in history? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Did Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter to surrender and for negotiations with the Galactic Federation?... Is, Coca-Cola (your favorite drain cleaner), YouTube (Google-Gestapo) and McDonalds (human meat) next?... Are you NUTS SOTW?. For 99% of the population this is fake news, baloney, nonsense, or “BS”. A ridiculous gesture that anybody from Earth, could have travel to any planet and meet various notable extraterrestrial humanoid characters, from other civilizations. Me, on the other hand, at SoTW, think it's durable and since Mr. Musk, a villain, can switch sides without becoming any less awesome, many say, they "caught" him, red handed and told him, you are either with us, or against us... Soooo, for the sake of argument, let's say that the employees of Twitter, Inc. are shitting themselves (sorry my language) right now because they're forced to convert from BAD to GOOD. Will Mr. Musk buy the HUUUGE Coca-Cola Company next? And will there be disclosure of Coca-Cola Secret Formula Vault Atlanta, Georgia One of corporate America's best-kept secrets is also one of the most publicly displayed? Crazy though, but everything is possible now! He's on a MAJOR shopping spree and some says, he is a WhiteHat operative to do INCREDIBLE good things for HUmanity and Planetary Liberation in the name of GFL or GFW... |



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