Apr 28, 2022

🤗🏳️🙌 ~ ('There's at least 9 bioweapon labs as well with strong ties to Biden and company in Ukraine'.) ECETI News #32 (James Gilliland) ~ | Blogger: Just what we needed to hear... I think what ECETI Ranch does and James newsletters, are awesome !.. He's no bullshitter, like SoTW, very grounded and transmitter of the ET Lion energy!... 😥PS: It's with a bit of sadness, SoTW, can't attend ANYTHING in USA due to the Covid-Crazy restrictions, and cost-of-traveling and Joe Biden, is still in "charge" (DS handlers), when ECETI Ranch is OPENING on May 5th 2022. I know the Fauci-Corona-Czar says; "Covid pandemic over", but only if your vaccinated. I could join Dr. Charlie Wards tour in Birmingham, easily, less expensive, but none as far as I know, will attend out of 350 members large CC-DK, not even the coordinators. It's depressing really, nobody is cheering for the meet-up. Aaand I'm just so tired of traveling alone, all the time. There's so much going on this Spiritual and or UFO summer in America, but the rest of Europe or Asia, NO activity, because of the war in Ukraine. And or Asia, Australia etc. is still HEAVILY affected, by the Corona-scare. If I find a conference in Russia, I will properly be arrested by Danish authorities, for treason. Norway have some conferences, but not yet. COBRA RM has noooo GET-TOGETHER anymore, no conferences, not even, the core-groups on their own, I used to join, on secret gatherings, in EU. I have got a friend / family from a visit in Barcelona, in 2019, I cannot visit, either in the Philippines and Denmark, has made it even more difficult and the cost of flying is incredible high. He will soon leave for China, where he works and that will be impossible for me, to enter. Same goes for Thailand, where I got a Danish CEO-friend, oldest soldier buddy. Thailand are about to drop more restrictions, but not there yet... |

'There are two sayings that are most appropriate for these times. “Man with head in clouds stumbles in the ditch” and “Praise Allah but tie your camel”... ~ James


James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience  

April 26th, 2022| Issue #32


By James Gilliland

The Hawaii adventure is coming to a close. Just wrapping things up and trying to finish some projects. May 5th the ranch opens and I am sure things will escalate as far as contact and ships appearing for skywatches. I taxed my back and shoulder to the limit, actually beyond the limit, yet happy with the outcome. We will eventually have ECETI Hawaii, maybe under a different name but all is going forward. It was an intense process on every level, dark mudslinging entities taking shots but when this happens you know you're over the target. I know others have had their challenges as well. Good thing I am perfect and already in the 27th dimension so these things don’t affect me. Just a little humor there. I keep hearing people saying I am already in the 5th dimension so nothing affects me. It is possible to hold 7th on up consciousness in a 3d body but during the ascension process we will be surrounded by chaos which will affect the emotional, mental and physical body to different degrees depending on self master. That is part of the ascension.

Get grounded, take care of your physical needs. Fill your cupboards and your medicine cabinets. Make peace with your neighbors. We are all going to have to work together.

There are two sayings that are most appropriate for these times. “Man with head in clouds stumbles in the ditch” and “Praise Allah but tie your camel”. All I can say to those who are standing before me in a physical body claiming they are in the 5th dimension is good for you. See that tree over there take a run at it and get back to me. Become sovereign. Do not depend on others for financial, physical, emotional or spiritual support. This includes seeking love, acceptance and approval externally. If you are, you are giving away your power through dependency. There is a lot of past life and childhood healing underway. We are going to have to be brutally honest with ourselves. There is a powerful manifesting God/Goddess within, manifest from that center. Gratitude is also important. Gratitude has always worked a lot better than demands. Sometimes we think we are helping people when we are creating dependencies. The chick needs to struggle, has to break out of its own shell. Chickens are hatching here against all odds. They have pigs, mongoose, hawks, and other challenges to contend with. The ones that make it are the strong and wise. In the days to come we are going to see a lot of people running around like chickens squawking victim projecting blaming with unfortunately very little personal responsibility.

There are time lines, flows, people who are guided by their souls from within. Much can be avoided if one listens to the inner guidance. If you are listening to the pain body the wounded child, or your socially engineered ego, things won’t fare well. Often we have all we need if we just look around us. Might get a little help from the masters with a manifestation or two. The best way to clear the mind is in nature, meditate, ask what is in your highest and best good. There are times the inner guidance makes no sense until you move on it. Later it will make perfect sense.

I want to clear up a few things which most often gets me into a bit of trouble. Nothing you are being told by the mainstream media is accurate, most of it is agenda driven and opposite of what is happening. If you knew the extent of corruption and decadence in the Ukraine you would probably join in on the bombing. It is a deep state stronghold, it has strong Nazi ties, and the child and sex trafficking are off the scale. It is like a cancer or infection. Many of the citizens were being shot fleeing to Russia or for being sympathetic to Russia by the Ukrainian Army. Mainly the branch called the Azov Regiment. They are full blown Nazis wearing the same insignia. The fact checkers will deny this because they are tied to the deep state which is a branch of the global elite. There are at least 9 bioweapon labs as well with strong ties to Biden and company. They are being taken out. The Russian Army is freeing captive children and have uncovered massive graves with child and sex trafficking victims. Do you think the corporate sponsored lame stream press will air this? Not. Have you seen the fake videos, explosions that happened years earlier, Ukrainian tanks running over civilian cars blamed on Russia, actors in body bags, people running from fake explosions being directed by producers with megaphones? We can go on and on with this. Is war terrible? It is. Is the loss of men, women and children terrible? It is. If this was happening in America, what would you do? It is. It is like a global cancer in the process of being removed.

You are also going to see some things happening in Taiwan. It will not be what the mainstream is telling you. This next little tidbit is going to lose a lot of you. Putin is doing what is best for his people. Xi Jinping is doing what is best for his people. They are not saints, there is a darker agenda and power they have united against. They have no alternative unless you want to see over 80% of the world population gone at the hand of the global elite which united with the CCP. Did you know we created the Chinese surveillance systems sponsored by deep state players holding very high positions in the current leadership whose goal is to implement the same system in the USA. Research it. The green new deal and the global currency reset is a global elite world in sheep clothing. You will own nothing and you will be happy is their slogan. They will control every aspect of your life, the news, education, where you work, live, what you eat etc. They are creating food shortages and supply line back ups only to bring the world into abject poverty minus 80% of its population. Then they will be the saviors from the hell hole they created. The plandemic, lockdowns, debilitating and deadly vaccines are all part of this plan.

Trump and the military are doing what is best for their people. There is a rumor they are all working together to put an end to the stranglehold the global elite has on each country and end their mass genocide plan, all bioweapon labs, child, drug and sex trafficking. Each country has its deep state and corrupt politicians and leaders who owe their allegiance to the global elite and their agendas not to their people. China has its Chinese Republic and the CCP, Communist Chinese Party. We have the White Hats, the honorable Military keeping their oaths and many in the Republican party, not all. The democrats, very few of which have maintained any integrity or moral compass are fueling the take down America agenda. Most have sold their souls to the CCP or the Global elite who openly brag about taking down America, the last block to their N.W.O global control.

Are Biden and company doing what is best for the people? What has he done for the people, the economy, the security of the country? Gas prices are debilitating, inflation is through the roof, shelves are bare, borders are open, crime has escalated like never before. It is like they are being paid to create a controlled demolition of America. “They are.” When the evidence in Hunter’s laptop comes to light and the Duram investigation is released you will see just who is under the control of the globalists and who has taken money from hostile foreign governments. Watch who is and has been blaming Russia for everything. Russia has been at war with the global elite and their deep state Satanic/Luciferian regime for years. Edgar Cayce said Russia will be the cradle for Christianity. That is a prophecy being fulfilled.

The facts concerning the stolen election will also come to light and eventually those responsible will be held accountable either through the public courts or the military. If the public cannot perform its duty the military will step in to protect and insure the continuation of America and its Constitution. The ones involved in all this chicanery are guilty of Treason and will be dealt with accordingly. Did you ever wonder why Jesse Smollete faked his hate crime and hanging? Didn’t laws against hanging come into effect shortly thereafter? What is the penalty for Treason? Usually death by hanging. The ones guilty of Treason are the ones that pushed that law into existence. This is all theater and no one will understand what is unfolding unless they learn to connect the dots, know the plan of the global elite then and only then will this all make sense. There is acting on both sides.

Ranting without solutions always leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. All of these problems created by the current administration can be turned around very quickly. There are many advances in natural crop fertilization most of which can be made in America. We can stop blockade of supplies coming in from other countries temporarily until we get the new technologies up and running. The same goes for gas. We need to reopen the Keystone Pipeline, imports and other avenues to bring the prices down. In the future we will have forever batteries and energy generators which would make electric cars independent on the grid which is dependent on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Do not think your electric car will save you during the brownouts and grid failures. For those who love their older cars there is a solution for this as well. Technology exists to create gas, diesel and jet fuel out of water. It has been around for a long time though suppressed. It is hard for those socially engineered by the lame stream media to conceive of the fact these alternatives exist. Wait till they find out about anti/counter gravity and the fact we have had it since the 30’s. Germany was successful in harnessing these energies since the 30’s and our own government has been using them since the 60’s to go back and forth to the moon and mars. As Ben Rich, head of Lockheed said, we have the technology to take ET home. Which brings us to the subject of off world help in liberating the planet.

We have said there is so much inhumanity on this planet because there is nonhuman interference. There have been serpent beings, royal reptilians, reptilians often referred to as dracos, tall greys, what many refer to as the grey alliance. The lower 4th dimension is replete with this 3d as well with DUMBs deep underground bases and tunnel systems used in nefarious agendas which most people cannot even fathom. These are almost 90% cleaned out by the military who have honored their oath to serve God and Country along with help from Spiritually and technologically advance off worlders, many known as our ancient ancestors. They are returning to quite a mess I might add.

These negative ETs, seen and unseen influences have been plaguing humanity for thousands of years. They have hijacked leaders, political, business and religious institutions, any position of power and influence. The war and chaos you are seeing is between those who serve Creator, live by Universal Law and those who are self-serving at war with all Creation. This is not a drill or an overactive imagination. This is being played out before your very eyes, few can comprehend or acknowledge this. It is a multidimensional war which is as if Creator/God/Great Spirit has said enough it is finished. It involves higher dimensions, Andromedans which are mythologically known as Arch Angels, Arcturians referred to as the sons of God, Pleiadians, The Orion Council of Light who’s ancestors were Pleiadians that started colonies in Orion which is were the Orion Wars were held against the reptilians and grey alliance. From there they colonized Earth Mars and Milona or Maldek which is now your asteroid belt due to wars and misuse of technology much like the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Orion Council of Light are planetary liberators with the most experience in dealing with negative ETs. They are also playing a very active role with the white hats along with the other forementioned spiritually and technologically advanced ETs. If you want to know who are the white hats in this struggle watch their actions. Know there is a lot of double speak and deception occurring with politicians and corporate sponsored mainstream news. They are the dividers of race, religion and gender. They will be held accountable, they are not frequency specific to the ascension process and are devolving in the downward spiral eventually ending in their own demise. They are currently in free fall. Enjoy the show, be safe, be of service and do your best to operate under Universal Law with Impeccable Integrity. Yours and the Earth’s future depend on it.

James Gilliland


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