Apr 3, 2022

šŸ¤”šŸ˜µ‍šŸ’« ~ (Mass Formation Psychosis, PsyOp, Predictive Programming, 1984 Thought Police & Ancient Etherical Neural Implants) In Case You Didn't Know (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: You know, Psychological Operations (Psyop), is as old as the history of the HUman race. More recently, it has been used by totalitarian regimes such as Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and militaristic Japan. It was used during WWII by both the US and Germany. Last 2 years under the Coronaspell of black magic and vaccine-black-goo. It's so funny, in the western world, who made up the Psyop "Corona-Corporation" fear-system and their puppet-politician-soldiers with Mainstream media that goes all in with 'panic porn' over COVID. There's no more "variants", no more restrictions and rules, as it never-ever existed! Instead of hearing about real human suffering at the hands of the elite, the we're being inundated with propaganda about this psyop "war" in Ukraine, with Putin playing the role of "bad guy" and Israeli-backed, far-right nazi-cia-controlled Bolshevism Ukraine as "good." But this psyop is incredibly (deliberately) transparent... |

PS: As you may or may not know, ultimately, Etheric Implants exist as a result of a belief system buried within the psyche of humanity. You could view them as projections of these inner beliefs that are perceived to be very real to those who start to see into the more subtle realities. It has been said by many psychics that implants were implemented as a form of control in past ages, such as during the end of the Atlantean period. Regardless of whether or not these events actually occurred (and whether or not they occurred in physical reality), it appears that there was something that happened in the past for the subject of etheric implants to be so prevalent in the awakening population, and for it to continue to be an issue in this reality. The belief in etheric implants is what makes them real to us. And what about the whole extraterrestrial scenario that causes impantation? That also only exists due to belief. This reality exists because we have chosen to agree for it to exist and have repeated the thoughts that created it, in order to maintain its existence. That is really what a belief is – a repeated thought that is concentrated so much that it manifests as “real”. This is why the wise often say that things exist but have no inherent existence. I am not trying to rubbish those people who say that implants exist. Far from it. The screen you are using to read this also doesn’t inherently exist either. It is simply concentrated thought, so concentrated that we perceive it as solid, as “real”. The difference is that etheric implants exist at a much more subtle level and as such can be dissolved much more easily than the screen in front of you can. If we truly wish to dissolve the sources of suffering on this planet away, then the beliefs that creates implants and psychic attacks should be included in that (link to more).... |


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