Mar 20, 2022

πŸ•‰️ ~ πŸ’— ('I have developed my own skilled mastery and inner sensing and of course, BS-alert' ~ SoTW) Ekpyrosis (Cobra2012) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: I'm so sorry, guys, this issue can't be hold back anymore! Perhaps there was a reason, why the Universe, didn't led me towards this report, until now!?!... This morning, while thinking about this report, my thermos with fresh tea, exploded, and when I tried to explain what happened to "Isis Astara", (Cobra's former spouse, partner, girlfriend), which I have meet in 2015, google blogger, removed my blogpost. Yes, "unknown forces", will not let me talk freely on this subject. I have also been attacked by DEW after his conferences and under deep sleep! I have to ask my Danish holistic ND, tomorrow, what the heck is going on!... Since I have no fear, I'd like to begin this recap of below report (truth and horror) "I Smelled a Rat". I could be dead wrong, but is [C.O.B.R.A. R.M.] - (Cobra from Prepare for Change, the Event & Resistance movement) telling us, that Putin and his (communist comrades) part of "dark forces" who fell under the Jesuit influence??? Cobra also says, the politicians who were promoting coronavirus Great Reset are now trying to escalate the Ukrainian situation into a world war and their plan is known under the codename Doom 33, in other circles it is known as Z-Plan or Plan Z [READ MORE]... |

(SoTW continued) - I'm sorry, guys, this is BS, Putin is not the mad-man here! 

I have to bite my tongue! 

The very top core group of the hierarchy out of 250K followers of Cobra RM, has left Cobra, myself on SoTW in 2018 (a paying dummy and close to core group due to my ex-girlfriend) and later others, like Steve / Anita, Untwine, who were in the absolute top core group working for "him" for free (>5 years - insiders knows who they are). 

I have spend my very last dime on that Cobra-guy, on "secret" missions all over EU, but in a conference with my x-girlified, in Brazil, I quit! 

Cobra RM (a multiple by 2-3 larger than 100K Simon Parkes, spiritual organization) which SoTW, once a alongside my "true guru-follower" ex-girlfriend, she were to become the next high priestess of Earth, last was Isis Astara, killed by (xxx censored)..

I have left Cobra for a number of reasons, but was high up there and kinda (lost) my girlfriend at that time, because my discomfort and some weird stuff, that was going on at upper/top/higher echelons (said very mildly). 

She is now out, and years later, with completely silence and off the grid, I meet her in her hometown in the mountains and she told me a story about Cobra, that was out of this world, and it was not good for HUmanity (behind Cobra is a very powerful American woman called The Black Witch)!! 

For me, it was in Brazil, it has something to do with MONEY (as always) and Service for Self, the Dark Cult aka Black Magicians aka AI aggressive ET's etc. E.g. - in 2018 the leader of Cobra made at least €150.000 in 2 days conference session with 500 participants and nobody had any idea, where that money went. And no, it did not go to "Island of Light project" (which is now closed). 

I then, left running the DK-Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network (SoTR) and meditation group, and more people got upset. I do however, support the DK Tachyon Chambers and my friends, running it.. 

Please always use your own spiritual discernment... |


Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.


Toplet bombs are still the main reason why the Light forces can not intervene directly in the situation on the surface of the planet. The Light forces are now clearing the quantum and subquantum anomaly on the higher mental plane with maximum possible speed and as soon as that is done, they will start clearing the subquantum anomaly on the physical plane, which is the riskiest part of the whole operation.

The most critical timeframe is between now and April 24th. Accidentally or not so accidentally the cutoff date of April 24th coincides with the end of Kala Sarpa Dosha, a very challenging period in Vedic Jyotish astrology, which ends on April 22:

During this time period, a very intense clearing of the primary anomaly will be taking place. During the very same period, Pluto will be making an exact trine with Sedna. Sedna is a planetoid which astrologically signifies the Platonic year precessional cycle, as its orbital period of 11,390 years is roughly about half of the precessional cycle. Energetically, Sedna is connected with the Galactic Central Sun and its regular pulsations, which occur roughly every 12,800 years. Sedna trine Pluto is a very powerful aspect, which harmoniously starts to introduce us to the next Galactic superwave which is about to occur in our near future:

As we are nearing the end of the cycle, the dark forces are freaking out because they know their end is near. Because their pandemic plan failed, they are now trying to engineer a new world war through the conflict in Ukraine. Their plan is to escalate the war into a nuclear conflict by provoking both sides, thus depopulate the surface, and rescue about 1 million of Illuminati members into underground bunkers. Here you can see that the same politicians who were promoting coronavirus Great Reset are now trying to escalate the Ukrainian situation into a world war:

In some circles, their plan is known under the codename Doom 33, in other circles it is known as Z-Plan or Plan Z:

Black Nobility families and Jesuits know about the coming Galactic pulse and are worshiping the Galactic central Sun as the Black Sun:

They would like to trigger the Galactic pulse as part of their End Time prophecies with nuclear war “ordo ab chao” ekpyrosis:

On the Russian side, one of their main agents is Patriarch Kirill:

He was a KGB agent under codename Mikhailov:

Where he fell under the Jesuit influence:

His main goal is to recapture Kiev for Russia and restore it as the capital of the Russian Orthodox Church:

There are also some Black nobility agents in the top echelons of the Russian military, and they have codenamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as Operation Z:

All those people were pressuring Putin to invade Ukraine, when at the same time he was being targeted with directed energy weapons to weaken his resistance to Plan Z.

When Russian military received intel about Ukrainian plans to attack Donbas in March 2022, that was the last straw:

Pallavicini is a Black nobility family that is influencing Putin indirectly from Rome:

Pleiadian advisers to the Russian top brass were strongly against the invasion and were giving plans how to resolve the situation peacefully, but they were not listened to. This war creates a lot of needless suffering both for Ukrainian and Russian people, and needs to end as soon as possible. Therefore the Light forces are still asking as many people as possible to join our meditation for peace:

On the Ukrainian side, Plan Z is being promoted through ultra-secretive Neonazi “Group Z” which was formed by Black nobility families during World War 2 in Germany:

And you can see Ukrainian soldiers wearing the symbol of the Black Sun:

The Light forces can prevent more than 99% of all negative scenarios, but they can not prevent all of them all the time, especially if the Dark forces attempt them over and over again. Therefore it is very unlikely that the current war in Ukraine will escalate much further, but it is not totally impossible.

There are other situations worldwide that need our attention.

The attacks with directed energy weapons on the key Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors continue:

Majority of people in Afghanistan and Yemen are facing extreme poverty and starvation:

Therefore our meditation for Afghanistan is still very much needed:

Light forces have communicated that there is small but real possibility of internet disruptions in the very near future and it would be wise that may people make printed copies of the articles in this blog, especially the newer articles that are not covered in the book:

All existing Cobra interviews are gathered here:

And it would be good if many people can make copies of that file.

In those turbulent times, it is important to find inner peace:

And develop compassion:

Many people are clearly lacking compassion, as you can see everywhere in the state of the world, including in the comments on my blog, and also here:

On a brighter note, humanity is starting to expand into space:

And most people are beginning to understand that we are not alone:

Scientists are beginning to open to the idea of humanoid life across the universe:

Scientist are also beginning to understand that black hole singularities do not exist and are rather quantum vacua, and black holes are actually fuzzballs made of 11th dimensional strings:

They are also beginning to understand that dark energy does not exist, it is simply Casimir force acting upon spacetime continuum from the quantum level:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be:

Victory of the Light!

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