Mar 17, 2022

⚖️💱⛓️ ~ (Pantomime, PSYOP, Swift Justice, 3.6-4BN People will Receive G-NESARA! ) DO YOU KNOW WHO THE ENEMY IS? WITH MEL K, CHRIS KNOX & CHARLIE WARD (Dr Charlie Ward) ~ | Blogger: Another amazing "show". Do you know what "Zelensky" means in English (decoded)? "GREEN" which means "Green Light", says Dr Charlie Ward... (SoTW) As you know, many rumors of a Mr. T younger version stunt-double, who did a voice over recording at an Arizona Trump rally with no-red-tie show is signaling a "timing" so close to the "end"? Another thing is that Boris-The-Clown new haircut and new GREEN tie in 2022 has something to do with the GREEN LIGHT and the Chinese Year of the Tiger! (Simon Parkes discovered Boris with green tie)... |


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