Mar 31, 2022

🦠😷🔬💉 ~ (Un-Freaking-Believable: Who let the dog out ho ho ho :p :p) Shanghai, Jilin and other regions. 37 Million Chinaman under new 2022 Covid-1984 Lockdown. Over 4.5 million residents of Jilin and Shanghai begins most extensive in two years. TK or Corona stormtroopers mass arresting and people are fighting over food shortages (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Jeez I'm glad that I'm no Chinese citizen!... A trip down memory lane?? China's largest city has begone the country's most-extensive lockdown since 2019 when the virus was first detected. Will EU, USA and Asia follow suit? I-don-t-think-sooooo... Perhaps this has NOTHING to do with Corona and EVERYTHING to do with The Greater Reset AKA GCR AKA QFS AKA G / NESARA. The Global Currency Reset (GCR) + Quantum Financial System (QFS) will established Gold Backed Currency system to allow a more even trading field among the nations of the world at eventually a 1:1 parity (i.e. 1 US Note = 1 Chinese Renminbi etc.)... I know noooothing ... I am from Barcelona... PS: Listen to Mel K and Dr. Charlie Ward I got a video clip from my friend, a second ago... |


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