Mar 27, 2022

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: Noah's Ark advanced metallic submersible spaceship) Space Arks and the Arriving ET Seeders (Dr. Salla) ~ | Blogger: PS: Michael Salla's latest interview with Peter Moon, did NOT believe in his storyline about Space Arks, but apparently Salla is so convinced, that he made a 2.5-hour long webinar about it with a price-tag at $33 (hate that freemasonic number)... Second video by "Universe Inside You" is really good, and has some really great material from real encounters and how UFO's disabled literally, all nuclear warheads on Earth. The Orbs and UFO's was spotted over Fukushima nuclear disaster and could have stopped a more disastrous development, both in 2011 and earth quote in 2016. There's so much more in the video... Btw, I strongly believe, but have no idea of course, that my, ancient ancestors, Pleiadian aliens, commonly known as Nordic aliens, are from the Pleiades star cluster. Not because it is said, their looks, are similar to Scandinavians, but that is just a feeling and my higher self, told me. In 2015, at a Rob Potter conference, miles up in Mt. Shasta, I got a huge warm hug from OMNEC ONEC. The emissary from Venus who hasn't been in the public eye for decades in the states, amazing - she is real!. After 2015, I felt protected by Pleiadians and Venusians... |


This is a Short Film/Trailer for the upcoming April 9, 2022 Webinar: "ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal". Covers origins of ancient space arks used in past Earth catastrophes, the planetary evacuation of Mars, how the arks have been hidden throughout our solar system, how a plan for the Seeders to publicly emerge in the 1970s were sabotaged by a Luciferian alliance, how the arks are activating all over the Earth with the arrival of extraterrestrial Seeder races, and much more.

The 1977 Broadcast interruption by Vrillon which we showed in our video is with lower-quality altered audio to avoid copyrights.You can watch the original video with clear audio here: Check our website: Lemuria Discovered - Sunken Continent of an Ancient Civilization -> Alien Creatures in the Deepest Lake in the World -> Alien Artifacts Discovered in Egyptian Tomb -> Ancient Antenna Found At the Bottom of Antarctica's Sea -> Murdered CIA Agent Warned Us Of Underground Alien Bases & Abductions ->

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