Mar 27, 2022

👁️⃤ 🐀🏳️‍⚧️ ~ (OMG!) That's Impossible! Freemasons, Demon Rats & Trans-Human-Gender! One Big Club - EXPOSED! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Beside the fact, we still have to deal with 100% lies that are going on in The Lame Stream Media, there's really only 2 positive things right now, in the public' eye and that is, President QTrump, sues the heck out of Hitlery Crooked Clinton over 2016 election he won, others over Russia collusion 'conspiracy'. And of course, then we have The Russo-Ukrainian War that Putin has stated, is clearly a "Special Operation", soon to end. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are being told that the war with Ukraine has to be over by 9 May 2022. [9 May – Victory Day – is culturally very significant in Russia and is celebrated every year with a military parade, which in recent years has become more and more imposing and grand.]... 💯PS: Russia, has NOT lost 1000's of troops, nor 1000's of pieces of equipment in Ukraine... |;read=196044

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