Mar 18, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra - “always above.”) Exploring President Eisenhower's Close Encounters (Michael Salla) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW not in this report) Funny or weird or disturbing? In the late 1800's, early 1900's, there were a variety of secret /occult societies in Germany, the main ones being, The Bavarian Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Rosicrucians, The Thule Society and The Vril Society. Each of these five societies, although based in secrecy and mysticism, had its role and function. Isn't it a sin, that we have two MAJOR cloaked space stations in LEO, mile long solar warden spaceships, in restricted (SSP) SPACE, super advanced esotic weaponey, that's out of this world. Miraculous Med Beds in SSP, that can heal any HUman on Earth. Secret 6000 US patents of suppressed technologies, worked with other ET's since 1950's, trading and exploring, when all we can do is, to think what's the best way to assassinate, Putin and his Stormtroopers that can help us for full disclosure?... Not that it matters, SoTW have meet Salls twice, and thinks he is a goofy guy with weird personality, but that doesn't mean, his intel and sources, like the SSP-insider "JP" are wrong. I have also been up close and personal, with some NASA astronauts at a MUFON conference, leader of [C.O.B.R.A R.M.], during secret missions in EU, seen Corey Goode, Smith and Wilcock, but i do really resonate with, David Adair, - an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. Never meet Peter "Rocket" Madsen and it was never my dire wish, after I saw and investigated, he was into some heavy Nazi-stuff, CopenHell satanic beliefs etc. Anyways, 'Full or Partial Disclosure' would involve worldwide TV programs dedicated to enlightening the HUman population about what has been going on in the world today and would also reveal our true history. The bottom line is that HUmanity needs to know about all these secret programs. And next in line, First Contact, and then, we are all home free. EVERYTHING on Earth, would change, in a split second... |

© - compilation - Aerospace and defense companies - Fox Mulder: "I Want to Believe"

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