Mar 5, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Ready, set, go: WHAT is The 'EVENT'?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: What is The Event? Well, both David Wilcock and Cobra RM (the Resistance Movement) tell us that "The Event" will be the sudden beginning of the collective ascension process. It will initially manifest with a "galactic pulse", a solar event that is said to occur every 26,000-year grand cycle based on our solar system being part of a binary or two-star system. In other words, the Event is a "Big Wave or Flash of Cosmic Divine Energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet and into HUmans, animals and all living life, activating the additional 10 strands presently lie dormant within the 2 chemical strands in most of Earth's people. "DNA". (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) This energy permeates the earth and humanity. DNA activation suggests the idea that there is an additional DNA template contained within each of us that goes beyond the double-stranded helix. Proponents say that in reality, there are up to 12 strands ranging in subtlety that can be activated along with our "junk DNA.". The event has not taken place as was stated and plans are changing constantly. This is a slow process of attrition to wake people up and to heal this planet. The event is a physical change but there will be no direct intervention from any space people. However, The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws... |


What will trigger the Event? When countdown to zero activates the buried Ukraine space ark in Kherson, Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, predicted to eventually begin flying into the air. Other arks located in Russia, at the Moon, the Bermuda Triangle area of the Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica?

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