Mar 1, 2022

✨ ~ πŸ’“ (New Nyla Nguyen Update) AUSTRALIA FLOODING, Q IS BACK, CREDIT SUISSE BANK EXPOSED, UKRAINE SITUATION, CANADA UPDATE & MORE (3D to 5D Consciousness) ~ | Blogger: NOTE: Dr. Scott Atlas says, CDC is hiding it's data from you and me and is all about politics and not science on the vaccines AKA 'vaksines'. A small clip on Fox News w/Jesse Watters who also says, yeah CDC is totally corrupt and everyone knows it! Dr. Scott Atlas also mentioned countries, like Israel, Denmark and UK and vaksines... |

Australia flooding, Q is back, Credit Suisse Bank exposed, Ukraine situation, Canada update, BILL S-233 UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME, QFS

Byron bay, Australia has been hit with heavy rains and floods, which coincidently is the same area as where all the bunkers were build as secret getaways of the elites. Now it’s been flooded out again by the Alliance. Q seem to have made a return on Social Truth. Another corrupt bank exposed, this time it is Credit Suisse for having criminal clients. Ukraine situation is completely false, Russia did not invade Ukraine. They are there to librate Ukraine from Kabal and Neo-Nazis. More update on Canada and his Trudeau back-peddling on the bank blockcades of Canadians. Banks are not happy with the lost of consumer confidence. The Senate in Canada is trying to pass a Universal Basic Income Bill and more information on the QFS

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