Mar 9, 2022

✨πŸ€—πŸ‘€ ~ (E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G over by June. QFS 'of Things'. Trump will be back acting Pres. for 3 mos. Russia gold standard. NSA, not the council, is a WH organization - whaaaat!) Simon & Tania Joy - Beauty For Ashes... (SP Official) ~ | Blogger:.. Beside the fact, (beautiful) Tania seems into Christianity Beliefs, like Doug Billings, veeery exciting about this particular update and one of the more positive (timelines). I listen to and read a looot, every day, but not all resonate with me and not all will get on my blog (of course). This videocast with Simon & Tania is absolutte joyful. To people who don't know who Simon is, go and watch the show and why he has been focused entirely, on America, for the last, 2 years. What happens in USA will affect the rest of the world. To the rest of us, great optimism in the air. As I said, on SoTW, and very sadly, I agree with Simon on this matter (I don't agree on everything he says). Simon says, we will NEVER, he actually used that word, get from the WhiteHats (or BlackHats) as an example, will be told, that Hillary Clinton is dead, played by an actor or clone (whatever), like Joe Biden's actor, who get 100 million dollars for his performance. And this is a extremely touchy subject to me, because I AM a tell-it-all-straight-up kinda person and many other truthers, out there! My higher self, told me when asking about 'Lizzie-Queen' or 'Pontiff' that's assumable already has left the earth plane. I was told, that people cannot handle the REAL TRUTH. English and world Royalists would commit "Mass suicide" (mentally or physically) if they were told, their beloved monarch, the UK Queen, was dead, years ago, one of the worst evil reptilian of Earth or the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, was actually a pedophile. That's the way the cookie crumbles, unfortunnaly, but i could be "dead wrong". Let's wish that I AM. Soon going to my holistic ND and asking same questions, once again to my Higher Self to be absorbed, by my "day-consciousness"... |

Putin's real reason that's not talked about at all. 

"Russian spy satellites picked up a heat signature under the old Chernobyl power plant and the military send the info to Pentagon.

Pentagon replied; someone is spinning Uranium racing to build a nuclear bomb. Deep State cleverly knew, no cruise missile could be use to destroy it, and that was the main reason for (WhiteHats) Russia's Putin to authorize 'special military operation' and paratroopers were dropped in over Chernobyl.  

Ukraine is the world's largest reservoir of Uranium. That is why DS started to make a nuclear bomb. Putin is fighting the DS mafia mercenaries and NOT targeting civilians. Under Trump presidency, the Ukraine situation would never have happened, because, Trump, would have dealt with it, himself. The truth will not come out right now, as Putin is painted as the bad guy!" ~ Simon


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